Fixed cartridge, No need Additional cartridge


No need Additional cartridge

Hipro-V with only ONE handpiece
High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic
For face Lifting & Tightening & Body contouring

Treatments by Hipro-V (Face & Body)

  • face
    • Forehead wrinkle
    • Nasolabial fold
    • Wrinkle around the eyes
    • Neck wrinkle
  • body
    • Abdomen
    • Arm
    • Thigh
    • Back

What is HIPRO-V ?

With only one handpiece without the additional cartridges, HIPRO-V delivers HIFU energy to SMAS layer which is located between subcutaneous tissues and muscle, or deep dermis, or the fat layers in body.

  • makes 0.7 ~ 1.0 mm size of TCP (Thermal Coagulation Points) zone makes SMAS contraction
  • resolves the fat without surgery, or skin surface damage.


Energy Type HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic)
Energy Output 0.1 ~ 2.0 [J/cm²]
Warranty 4,000,000 shots (20,000 shots/person) or within 1 year whichever comes earlier, would be expired.
one handpiece : 200 patients treated for face lifting and tightening with body slimming
Only handpiece type : Contains 10,000,000 shots (Not Cartridge used)
All depths & Energy are adjusted, and controlled by GUI only.
Electrical AC 100-230 [V], 50/60 [Hz]
Repetition Rates 5 ~ 10 [Hz]
Depth for Face 1.5 ~ 4.5 Step to 0.5 [mm]
Depth for Body 6.0 ~ 13.0 Step to 1.0 [mm]
Dimension 350 x 410 x 290 [mm] (W x D x H)
Weight 18 [kg]

The strength of HIPRO-V

  • 01 CE & KFDA approval as total face lifting & body slimming
  • 02 The shortest treatment time
  • 03 No down time and immediate returning back to normal life
  • 04 Reasonable price of consumables
  • 05 Compact & Portable size
history-of-skin history-of-skin
  • 09 HIFU system is used to make the thermal coagulation to SMAS layer or deep dermis as non-invasive skin lifting and tightening treatment.
  • 10 Now, HIFU system is developed to area of Body for slimming.
  • 11 HIPRO-V can make thermal coagulation to layer of fat and help to reduce fat by using principle of HIFU.